The Picnic Shelter

These Picnic Shelters serve as a place to gather out of the weather, take a break, grab a bite to eat, and experience a little creative shelter. In a “micro-park” that might be tight for a fixed, covered pavilion with separate picnic tables, this unit gives both the table and the roof, in a single structure that can be readily moved from place to place. Like all of our outdoor structures, the Picnic Shelter features hand-cut, traditional timber framing joinery (mortise and tenon), and naturally rot-resistant timber from northern New England.

Specifications for Standard Picnic Shelters

Standard Installation

Standard installation assumes the Picnic Shelter kit is being picked up at our shop. See the next section for delivery options.

Delivery Options and Customizing your Picnic Shelter

  • Delivery:  Call for pricing.
  • Installation: we will charge $100 per unit for our driver to work with you to complete the install. If we need to provide additional people, cost is $.75/mile/person each way + $100 per person per unit
  • Shipping: Call for current pricing
  • Location Signs: hand carved into Cherry girt: $250 up to 20 letters. See photo on the Custom Kiosk page for an example of font.
  • Roof Options
    • Chamfered rough sawn pine, Top Guard, galvanized drip edge, Cedar Breather, White Cedar shingles, and White Cedar ridge cap- $350
    • Steeper or shallower roof pitches, or Japanese style curved rafters (call for pricing)
  • Omit White Oak Feet, and install on concrete piers – pricing upon request
  • Scribed to Boulder Feet: Oak sills can land on natural boulders, pricing upon request. See an example of this in a timber framed timber framed entry, third from last photo.