Timber Frame Barns

Spacious, Rugged, Resilient

Our Building Heritage

Europe has wooden cathedrals, the Far East has timber temples, and in North America we have the timber frame barn. Barns are an icon of our early heritage, and to this day timber is still an excellent material for building spacious, enduring, and soul-stirring structures.

Gallery of Timber Frame Barns

Three Bay Barn with Solar Shed Roof and Apartment

Barn in Washington

Vermont Barn with Apartment

Crossroad Timber Frame Farm Stand

Crossroads Farm in Central Vermont

Arts and Crafts Barn at Camp

Beautiful art is hung up inside a post and beam barn in Central Vermont

Dartmouth Organic Farm Barn

Timber Frame Equipment Barn

Gathering the community of builders who worked on this timber frame barn

The Landgrove Big Barn

Timber Frame Boat Shed and Garage

New York Barn in a Week

North Carolina Horse Barn Workshop

Ithaca Animal and Equipment Barn

Donkey curious about the camera

Mountain School Cow Barn

Cows in the pen

A Practiced Process

TimberHomes has experience building timber frame barns of many shapes and sizes, for many uses and clients. Over the years we’ve honed our processes for planning, estimating, and building barns, so there’s no guesswork involved. Check out our featured projects, where you can see how we've been able to streamline the raising process.

Client Participation

We love to see raising day become an occasion for our clients to bring friends and family together for the shared purpose of assembling a building that will last for generations. Timber barns and timber frame sheds lend themselves particularly well to this kind of client involvement, and we welcome clients' help with both assembly and enclosure. This speeds the process, strengthens relationships, and reduces costs for the client.

Visit Some Worker Bee Projects

Local Materials

The timbers, pegs, sheathing, barn doors, trim and flooring in our timber frame barns all come from the woods and sawmills of the Northeast. Sourcing materials locally and supporting the local forestry economy are not only core values at TimberHomes, they’re also part of what makes our buildings fit in so well with the landscape.

Meet Our Sawyer

Inspiring Spaces

Whether your timber frame barn will be used for keeping animals, as a studio space or workshop, or for storage, it will be a place for hard work. So it should be a place you love to be. Barns and sheds can be glorious, illuminated spaces when framed in timber and built with care. We build our barns to last centuries, and to inspire the next generation of woodworkers.

Some Particularly Sweet Barns

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