Strikingly Beautiful, Highly Functional

The Custom Kiosk raises the bar on the Classic with some curvaceous flare. The Custom is larger than the Classic, and has more dramatic timber frame joinery, featuring a curving black cherry tie beam. From that standard design, there are many possible variations including larger signboards, two-sided signs, standing seam roof, and more.

Like all of our kiosks, the Custom Kiosk is built with locally sourced, green timber and features traditional mortise and tenon joinery.

Pricing for Basic Custom Kiosks

Single unit: $3,400

2-4 units: $3,250 each

5 or more: $3,100 each

Note: Prices do not include delivery, shipping, or loading of units. Quotes upon request. Site preparation and installation are NOT included in unit cost.

To order: Send us an email » or call: 802-685-7974.

Lead time: Ranges from 3 – 12 weeks depending on the season and demand.

Custom Kiosk Specs

  • Posts: 6×6 white oak, for excellent durability without using treated wood.
  • Upper Girt: Naturally curved cherry, all other timbers white pine with 1/4” chamfer throughout.
  • Principal Timber Joints: Secured with white oak pegs.
  • Roof: Rough sawn pine with chamfered edges, white cedar shingles, & cedar 1×4 ridge cap topped with copper.
  • Signboard and Cover: Eastern white cedar tongue-in-groove boards, which come standard as unstained. Entire 46″x 30″ display area is surrounded by cherry frame. Cherry door frame with plexiglass window is hinged and lockable, and covers a 24″x30″ display area. There is a 22″x30″ space to the right of the door that remains uncovered.

Custom Kiosk Installation

The Custom Kiosk is larger and heavier than the Classic. A group of 6-8 people can install them, if provided with safe staging to achieve the height. Alternatively, these kiosks are often raised with the help of a machine (see below for specs). We recommend in either case having an experienced builder present.

  • Installation Requirements:
    • Two 16″ holes, minimum 4′ 3″ deep, 5′ apart on center.
    • 3/4″ crushed stone or sand for back-filling holes.
  • Machine Requirements:
    • A crane, excavator, loader, boom truck, or similar capable of lifting 500 lbs to 12 ft.


  • Signboard Stain: Signboards come standard unstained, and will gray with time. We offer two solid stain colors from Arborcoat – Mission Brown and Imperial Gray: $50
  • Engraving: A hardwood cherry board is sanded and oiled, and letters are routed and painted. The location sign hangs above the signboard. $225 for up to 40 letters.
  • Roof Options:
    • Upgrade roof to standing seam: $1,600.  Inquire for color options.
    • Steeper or shallower roof pitches, or Japanese style curved rafters (call for pricing).
  • Benches: Back to back benches, cedar slats on white oak frame: $300 each side. The bench will come with additional installation instructions.
  • Post Options: For ultimate rot resistance, upgrade to black locust posts: $400/ unit.
  • Scribed to Boulder Feet: Feet of posts can land on natural boulders, as in the photo of the model above. Pricing upon request. See an example of this below in a timber framed entry.

Add a Brochure or Registration Box to Your Kiosk

Do you need storage for maps or a registry? These simple, weather-tight boxes can be purchased to install on your kiosk. We send them with pre-drill bits and screws, so that our clients can install them on their kiosks wherever they like.

Brochure Boxes: These boxes will store a tri-fold brochure or map, displaying them through their plexiglass front. – $275 ($300 stained)

Registration Boxes: The front of these registration boxes folds down to reveal a sturdy writing surface with a clasp to hold a small stack of 8.5″ x 11″ paper.- $300 ($325 stained)

Delivery Options

  • Pick-up: Pick your kiosk up at our shop in your own vehicle, and we will help you load.
  • Delivery: We charge a rate of $1.70/mile each way to deliver.
  • Shipping: Prices do not include shipping. We are happy to provide you with a quote! Site preparation and installation are not included in unit cost.

The Nature of Wood

Our kiosks are built using natural timbers from our local forests. We work with high-quality timbers and individually choose the wood for your kiosks with care. Trees are unique and, as such, are not perfectly uniform. The wood used for our handcrafted timber frames may have knots, wormholes, or blue stain.  As green wood dries it may develop checking or cracks, it may shrink or twist, and like all of us, it will grey over time. These characteristics make natural wood products unique.  None of these characteristics affect the structural integrity of the wood or the kiosk.