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A Deeper Look at the TimberHomes Ethos

Thousands of decisions are made during a construction project. What drives those decisions for TimberHomes is our desire to make healthy, beautiful, timeless structures. Our goal is to design and build spaces that nurture the people who use them, and support a regional economy that's using our forestry resources responsibly.


There’s great intangible value in a handmade object. In a timber frame, that value manifests when a human being is watching for defects in the wood, riving a peg by hand, or choosing to highlight a beautiful surface. Those conscious decisions change the outcome of what’s being made, and we believe they result in a deeper, richer beauty. Everything we make at TimberHomes is made or finished by hand, and is better because of that attention to detail.

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Local Materials and Our Local Economy

We build with local materials whenever we can. Doing business with local loggers, sawyers and makers is the ecologically sound choice, and its contributes to the health of our local economy. From the timbers we use in our frames to the finish coating on the window trim, we have found that using regionally sourced materials is often the practical, economical choice.

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Tree Forms

There is nothing greater we can do to honor the trees that inspire our business than by bringing them, in their entirety, into our finished buildings. Whether as a curved brace seeming to branch off from a post, or a whole forked tree scribed right into to the timber frame, incorporating tree forms into finished homes or timber frame barns is a graceful way of paying homage to these great symbols of the natural world.

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Natural Finishes

Finishing a timber frame and protecting beautiful woodwork is important, but even more important is occupant health. What you inhale inside your home should be as fresh and benign as what’s outside your front door, especially in a tightly sealed home. We finish our frames with Heritage Natural Finishes and other interior elements with Vermont Natural Coatings.

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Curves and Contours

We’re prone to getting off the straight and narrow path of typical construction and working with what nature has to offer. Organic shapes show up at all levels of our practice: live-edge window trim is common, curved beams in our timber frames are typical, an entire floor plan can be circular. These elements are often the most captivating parts of a timber frame or finished space.

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