Kiosk Kits for Trailheads, Parks & Town Centers

Beautiful, Durable, Handmade

We’ve been making kiosks since 2006. Hundreds are now in use, serving trail organizations, municipalities, state parks, and conservation commissions throughout New England and beyond. Most units come as kits and can be assembled and installed with a small group of people. They look elegant and fitting in any natural setting, and will give decades of service.

The Mini Kiosk

The Mini is a great choice for multiple installations—simple and rugged with a sweet curved roof. Perfect for bike paths, fitness trails, historic tour routes, you name it. Mini kiosks come standard with an Eastern White Cedar signboard behind a lockable cover, but can be modified to accommodate fixed acrylic/resin signs. They come fully assembled and ready to be installed.

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The Classic Timber Frame Kiosk

The Classic kiosk has been in production since 2006. Ruggedly handsome, totally durable, readily installed by volunteers, this unit nicely mixes classic timber frame joinery with the best of modern materials. We have shipped these units to California, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and many places in between. Add a cedar roof, a location sign, a Plexiglas display cover and/or a double-sided bench to make the classic model fit your needs.

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The Custom Kiosk

The Custom kiosk takes the Classic idea to the next level. The roof is bigger, the signboard more spacious, and the timber framing far more dramatic. This unit can be readily enlarged in all dimensions to accommodate special requirements of your situation. Give us a call to have us customize one for you!

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The Interpretive Signboard

The design of our Interpretive Signboard is robust. A single Interpretive Signboard provides over 8 square feet of display space for your scenic look-out area, riverside park, or museum. It comes fully assembled and ready to install. Like our kiosks, the Interpretive Signboard features hand-cut, traditional timber framing joinery (mortise and tenon), and naturally rot-resistant timber from northern New England.

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The Four-Sided Kiosk

This handsome kiosk offers a dramatic focal point to a central plaza or gathering area. We built our first four-sided kiosk in Randolph, Vermont and it was an immediate hit; the drama of the hipped and sheltering roof drew people to see what was on display.

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