Classic Trailhead Kiosk

Here’s the original, classic TimberHomes kiosk. The design and material choices make it a great fit for natural areas, trailheads, town parks and public centers. The classic kiosk is built with traditional timber frame joinery, which makes for an easy to assemble kit, and a handsome finish. Read on for details about our standard classic kiosk.

Specifications and Installation

A standard Classic Kiosk features:

A standard installation process assumes the Classic Kiosk kit is being picked up at our shop. The kit will fit in a standard 8′ pick-up, and we will help load. If you’d prefer to have your Classic Kiosk delivered, see the next section for delivery and installation options.

Options for Delivery and Additions/Upgrades

A variety of options are available to match your specific needs:

Delivery Rates

Standard Options

Customize a Classic Kiosk