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Structure With Soul

TimberHomes is a diversified design/build firm with timber framing at its heart. Whether we're designing a house, raising a barn, or making a backyard pavilion, our goal is for that structure to be beautiful, nurturing, natural, and timeless. From our line of kiosks to our finished homes, we design energy efficient, functional spaces. Above all, we build structures to stir the soul.

Outdoor Classrooms & Meeting Spaces

Our world is changing - yet timber-framed outdoor structures give that timeless feeling of groundedness that we all yearn for. Practical, durable, immediately appealing, these structures can be focal points of our school campuses, provide shelter and charging for our new electric cars, make for quiet outdoor retreats and gathering places, store our bikes and firewood, and much more. Rot-resistant white oak and black locust provide locally sourced durability.

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Timber Frames

Timber Framing is the heart of our business. Timber frames provide a solid structural framework to a building, and are a beautiful finished aesthetic. A decade of building together has honed our practice of cutting frames with character, working efficiently, and designing with care. The timber we use is all locally sourced and sawn. Our frames are cut in-house, and can be raised anywhere in the Northeast.

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Timber Frame Homes

Building new homes is an exciting, imaginative process. Our goal is to build healthy homes with tiny ecological footprints that match the needs of our clients, and that will be cared for and loved for generations to come. We design and build new homes in Central Vermont and the Upper Valley, and can build timber frames for finished homes further afield. Ask about having your first meeting at one of our own houses or past projects to get a sense of what a TimberHome feels like.

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Timber Frame Barns

TimberHomes has been building timber frame barns since our start. Building a new barn with us is a straightforward process, and results in an elegant building made from local timber. Timber frame barns fit the Northeast aesthetic, and are suited to its heavy snow and wind loads. Our typical barn procedure involves a rapid-fire week of raising and enclosing, and can bring the client's friends and family into the process to help speed up the raising.

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Porches, Pavilions, Gazebos & Sheds - Custom Outdoor Spaces

Timber frames make beautiful, durable outdoor structures. These spaces range from simple rectangular buildings with gable roofs to complicated and enchanting structures for special settings. TimberHomes has built pergolas, pavilions, arbors, woodsheds, and more from local Vermont timber. We often use white oak and black locust, naturally rot resistant timber species, for these more exposed structures.

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Structures for Parks & Kiosks

For over a decade, TimberHomes has built high quality timber frame structures for outdoor use. Our lineup of trailhead kiosks, wooden pavilions, benches, and picnic shelters can fulfill all the needs of a public park. The mortise and tenon joinery that we cut in our shop makes installation straightforward for clients or expedient for our professional crew, depending on the needs of your project. The combination of durable materials and dashing design make them reliable winners.

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Rustic Cabins, Bunkhouses & Artist Retreats

A surrounding of rustic local timbers settles your heartbeat. Whether you dream of a one-room cabin with a soaring loft above, a bunkhouse that sleeps 30 people, or a screened-in writer's retreat with timber framed bones, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

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Pre-fab Timber Frame Homes

Our line of energy efficient, pre-fabricated timber frame homes. An excellent combination of an age old craft and the latest in green building technology.

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