Timber Frames

Quality Construction with Local Resources The interior of a timber framed farmstead

The TimberHomes Difference

Timberframing is what we do. It brings together the beauty of our great northeastern forests, modern engineering, and craftsmanship into an organic structure that will endure. The size of our shop, using local timber, finishing our frames by hand, and our ability to work with curved beams and complex architectural forms set us apart.

"Creative and collaborative design, excellent attention to detail and a high level of service resulting in gorgeous, authentic work." — John Hitt

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Queen Post House Frame

Cherry tie beam

Bring in the Forest: House Frame in Lowell

Spectacular Sugarhouse

A scribe set up for a timber frame sugarhouse

Timber Frame for Natural House

Compact Workshop Frame

Studio Apartment

King post with a splined joint in the roof of a studio apartment with timber frame rafters

Flying Cloud Reciprocal Roof Frame

Spruce log rafter in a reciprocating roof pavilion

Moosilauke Class of 1965 Bunkhouse

Friends Meeting House

The Right Sized Shop

Large timber frame companies focus on mechanization, while small operations often lack the tools and infrastructure to build efficiently. Timberhomes is a rare shop: invested enough in the trade that our construction process is methodical and productive, yet small enough to go the extra mile on the shop floor—making decisions every day that elevate the quality, structural integrity, and beauty of our frames.

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Locally Harvested Wood

Unlike many companies in the Northeast who order their timber from the West Coast, we build with pine, hemlock and oak from the woodlots of northern New England. Logging and milling is done by local professionals. Not only do the finished frames reflect a sense of belonging to Vermont, but their construction strengthens the local forestry economy and bolsters a local culture of quality construction.

These Projects Show Off Vermont's Forests

Handcrafted Details

Wood is an unusual material in today’s world of steel and concrete construction. Each timber holds a story of a tree’s life told in knots, grain patterns, and contrasting heartwood. The hallmark of a skilled craftsperson is revealing this beauty and making it shine, still executed best with hand tools and a keen eye. Step into a handcrafted frame, and the echoes of human attention are everywhere.

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Natural Forms

Classic timber frames are traditional, rectilinear beauties. Our practice often incorporates curved beams and arched timbers into that geometric framework. A client’s land can often be the source for finding a forked tree post or a bent log that yields that perfect arch over the entry. We’ve got the tools to play with nature’s endless offerings of unique shapes and wooden contours.

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Blazing New Trails

We’re always up for a new challenge. A classic queen post frame may elegantly serve your needs, but intersecting gables of unequal pitch or a reciprocating frame may serve them better! We’re open to exciting directions that fulfill structural requirements and practical needs.

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What's a Timber Frame?

In tangible terms, a timber frame is a rigid structure of wooden posts and beams connected with mortise and tenon joinery. The knowledge of how to build this way was all but lost in this country until a revival of the craft began in the 1970’s. Timber frames are a natural choice in the Northeast, where the trade has been practiced for hundreds of years, timber is abundant, and structures need to withstand challenging weather conditions.

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