New Locust Benches installed in Montpelier’s Beloved Hubbard Park

May 30, 2024

The Montpelier Parks Crew recently installed a swath of Locust Benches for the numerous trails which which crisscross Hubbard Park. Just to the North of Vermont’s Statehouse in Montpelier, Hubbard Park is a perfect place to enjoy the sounds and smells of the deep woods, a walk with your dog, or just to get a bit of fresh air. The new Locust Benches now offer the opportunity to catch your breath. 

As one of the earliest purchasers of the Locust Bench, the Montpelier Parks Crew has clearly demonstrated just how deep into the woods it is possible to carry in and install a Locust Bench. Premade at the TimberHomes shop, the bench comes in three separate pieces – a seat/backrest assembly and two posts – making it possible, with a team of good workers, to hike a bench to the far end of a beaten path.

The design relies on the direct burial of the posts into the ground, and the area below benches is completely unencumbered by legs to the ground. The posts and the bench slats are made of Black Locust which is the gold standard for fence posts in the Northeast.