Spiral Staircase Victoriously Installed despite Spring Snowstorm

May 9, 2024

We built this spiral staircase in our Montpelier shop during the winter of ’23/’24. It consists of a white pine central post, punctuated by a winding set of mortices to allow cherry risers, in turn supporting ash treads. These are tied together with cherry balusters and an ash handrail, curved to a helix.

We installed this in eastern New Hampshire during an April snowstorm, navigating downed trees and wires, while utilities scrambled to restore power. Both our housing and job-site lost power for the several days we were installing. We are fortunate for technology that stores power in our tools, and grateful for the kindness of restaurant hosts who allowed us to walk in with a charger and a bag of batteries to re-up our supply.

We were lucky — as we are so often — to be able to build a top-quality product for top-quality people. As always, we hope that the care in our work brings more beauty into the world and to the everyday lives of our customers.

TimberHomes has built this staircase several times over the years, with some variations. The photos below show a few.