We Build With Soul

From Enclosure Systems to Client Collaboration

At TimberHomes we build with both the health of our planet and the happiness of our clients in mind. We design buildings that reflect our personal values, and look forward to building relationships as we build our frames. Any building project is a big project and a big commitment. From experience, we know the work goes best when we learn early on what's important to you and reflect your values in our process.

Construction Costs

Building a new home or barn is a fun, creative undertaking holding lots of promise for future times enjoyed in a new beautiful space. Being realistic from the get go about what these projects cost helps ground the process, and lets you dream big within your budget.

Delve Into the Numbers

Trademarks and Values

Our style reflects our desire to build healthy, beautiful, timeless structures that tread lightly on the earth, and build community through construction. Our frames and finished buildings incorporate tree forms, arches, and curving beams—paying homage to the organic nature of the materials we use. Our structures are finished with natural finishes, are handcrafted, and support our local economy.

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Better Walls and Roofs

TimberHomes builds differently. We strike the best balance we can between high performance construction, building practically within a budget, and choosing materials and methods that respect the natural world. The wall and roof systems we've developed are high-efficiency, low impact enclosures.

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Client Collaboration in the Design/Build Process

The success of any collaborative project hinges on communication. An active conversation between designer, builder, and client is paramount to building something we all feel good about. As a design/build firm, we practice this kind of listening every day within our company, and we pride ourselves on our ability to hear and understand our clients' vision.

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Why Timber Framing?

Timber framing is at the heart of everything we build. It's a structural form that brings the beauty of the forest indoors, and a process that dates back millennia. Building in this way allows us to source all of our timber from the Northeast, hire professional local sawyers, and often put by-products of the sawing process to use. A timber frame raising is a thrilling experience. Attend one and see how it immediately becomes part of the collective memory of a building.

The Benefits and History of Timber Framing

Friends and Partners

TimberHomes has made lasting relationships with other businesses, design/build schools, and non-profits over our ten year history. We’re excited to be part of a culture that values soulful spaces and the craftspeople who make them.

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