Better Walls and Roofs

TimberHomes builds differently. We build high performance homes by leveraging the findings of contemporary building science, combined with a fundamental belief in treading lightly on the earth.

We take special care to choose building materials that will make sense over the long term. That means finding materials that maximize the cost savings associated with heating and cooling efficiencies. But the materials used in wall and roof construction can also have major long-term impacts on both the natural environment and the health of a home’s occupants. The materials used for insulating and sheathing a building are two of the largest contributors to its environmental footprint. Wisely built enclosure systems are a key part of building a home that lasts as long as your timber frame.

A Deeper Look

Most timber frame homes are enclosed with panels that consist of foam sandwiched between OSB (Oriented Strand Board). These panels, known as structural insulated panels (or SIPs for short), are straightforward to order and install, and they provide excellent insulation. But there are significant environmental impacts associated with the manufacture, transport, and disposal of SIPs—not to mention the related health concerns associated with the chemical foams used in these types of panels. They’re pricey to boot.

TimberHomes has developed several alternative wall and roof systems. These systems meet or surpass today’s stringent energy efficiency standards, and do so with innovative, original enclosures that minimize environmental impact and chemical exposure.

What are we doing differently?