A Timber Frame Made from Local Natural Resources

A marriage between beauty and function, the Vermont Solar Carport is a handsome timber frame structure made from pine and white oak from Northern New England forests and built right here in the Green Mountains.  With a durable metal roof over a solid pine roof deck, our carport offers a lot in one package: an economical place to put roof-mounted solar, a classy parking shelter, and plenty of space to hang bikes, stack firewood or park other outdoor gear.  Need to charge an electric vehicle?  Put it under a roof and don’t worry about ice and snow build up on those messy winter mornings.  Our unique design puts all braces and cables 6’8″ above the ground, so you can drive or walk into the carport from all sides.

We now offer two styles:

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Our carports are available in 1, 2 and 3-bay models, to allow a wide variety of parking, storage, and rooftop solar configurations. Subject to weather, financing, and permitting, we can install these in as little as 6 weeks from your first phone call.

If you plan to put solar on the carport, please start the conversation with your solar provider. If you’re not sure who you would like to install your solar panels, we are more than happy to help you find one.

Have questions?  Send us an email » or call: 802-685-7974

The Vermont Solar Carport is engineer-approved for New England.  We have a variety of installation methods from pre-cast concrete piers to helical piles to allow for virtually all site conditions.  The solar panel racks are fastened right to the metal roof, making a rugged, leak-proof roof that is easily able to accommodate future technologies.

This design stands out with its clean lines, hand-crafted pegged mortise and tenon joinery, and a striking showcase of locally sourced timbers.

Larger Timber Frame Carports for Commercial Use

As you can see in the six-bay model above, these carports are highly customizable and can be as large as you need them to be. The design is pre-engineered for use in public places like an apartment complex or a college campus. If you’re interested in pricing out a Carport that has more than three bays, fill out a form here and we will be in touch!

If you need financing, our experience is that it is easiest to start a conversation with your local lender about a Home Equity Loan. If you’re looking for another option, we have had a lot of success with VSECU.

VSECU is a credit union based in Vermont that is committed to helping members make smart investments in their homes and communities. Most of their solar business is based here in Vermont, but they have the ability to lend to other New England states plus New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware through a partnership with the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA).

VSECU will work with you to help make your financing a smooth and worry-free experience. Check out their line of VGreen Loans here. Whether it’s an Investment Tax Credit loan, Energy Improvement loan, Commercial loan, or Home Equity loan, VSECU can help you get your solar project up and running.

With an increasing number of electric vehicles on the road each week, hosting a charging station for your customer’s vehicles is good for business. When offered the opportunity to charge their vehicle in a beautiful covered space, they choose you over your competitors. While waiting for their car to charge, your customers will linger while they shop, and they tend to order a second course at dinner while waiting for their car to charge.

Installing a solar array is also good for your bottom line. From lowering your energy costs to taking a stand toward energy independence, choosing solar gives you an edge. Additionally, with one glance, your customers will see you in a whole new light as an environmentally-conscious company.

Make a difference with your company’s sustainability goals.