TimberHomes’ Park Structures and Kiosks Page Launched

June 5, 2018

TimberHomes recently made some significant changes to its former “Kiosk” page. While TimberHomes’ trailhead and information kiosks will continue to be the focus of the company’s product linePavilions and Boulder Benches have been added to provide a greater variety of choice for parks, trails, summer camps, and other public spaces.

Both of the new additions grew out of work that TimberHomes did for the State of Vermont’s “Buy-Out” Parks. Whereas formerly private properties, washed out by Hurricane Irene in 2011, were converted into parks for public enjoyment. TimberHomes erected identical 20’x22′ timber framed pavilions in both Rochester and Royalton (Vermont) along with kiosks and benches. Liking the king post truss design and a typical 1 day raising format, it made sense to see if this particular pavilion could eventually become a stock item much like TimberHomes’ kiosks.

timber frame pavilion in Rochester, VTIf this pavilion is not exactly what you’re looking for, please keep in mind that they are customizable. If you’d like to change the dimensions, the roofing material, or some other aspect, most anything is possible! If you’d like to start from scratch, our designers are ready to listen to your ideas. If using natural forms such as tree forks is what you desire, the sky is the limit!

reciprocating roof round timber frame joineryUnlike kiosks which ship easily via common carrier and come with installation directions, a TimberHomes pavilion demands expertise, not to mention a crane, to erect. While TimberHomes would go most anywhere to raise a pavilion, travel and shipping costs must be considered on a per project basis.

The second addition to TimberHomes’ Park Structures and Kiosks page is the Boulder Bench. Using granite boulders and a mixture of rot resistant woods, the unit offers the union of some of the best elements that New England has to offer. Scribed White Oak sills are attached to the rounded, top side of a sliced granite boulder using a concealed stainless steel pin and heavy duty epoxy. To create the backrest, a Black Cherry upright is attached to the back of the sill using mortice and tenon joinery and held in place by an Oak peg. Chamfered (eased edges), thick White Cedar boards make up the seat and the backrest of the bench.

benches ready for transportThe Boulder Bench, while heavier and more difficult to move than a kiosk. is similar in that TimberHomes’ crew does not need to be involved with the installation. The Bench could come to you (possibly by common carrier) completely built and ready for placement. Heavy machinery, however, capable of lifting 2,000 lbs or so, is required. Though with the right machine and careful slinging around the bench’s sills, your park crew or excavation contractor should be able to handle the job without trouble. TimberHomes will, of course, be happy to consult.

The growth of TimberHomes’ product line is an exciting new chapter in the company’s effort to be a resource for parks and other outdoor public spaces. If you’re in need of a pavilion, a bench, a picnic shelter, or a kiosk, we’d love to hear from you! If there’s something that you need that you don’t see on our website, we’d still love to hear from you. Many of our best ideas have originated from customers such as yourself, and we will always welcome your ideas!