Boulder Benches Installed in Vermont State Park

October 14, 2017

As part of a Vermont State contract, TimberHomes recently completed three “Boulder Benches” that were installed at the new Foxville “Buyout” park in Royalton. Created from a property washed out by Hurricane Irene in 2011, the park, along with another in Rochester, showcases a TimberHomes pavilion and kiosk in addition to the benches.

The frames of the benches are made of planed and oiled White Oak. The bench slats are made of Eastern White Cedar. Both species are well known for their rot resistance, and are among TimberHomes’ favorite woods to work with. Unlike pressure treated wood, their durability is more than skin deep and they are comparatively more human friendly to process.

The bench frames were scribed and attached to granite boulders, provided by Riverton Memorials of Berlin, VT. With epoxy, a piece of threaded rod was imbedded into a drilled hole in the top of each boulder. A heavy nut and washer were then installed to hold down the bench frame.

The end result is a heavy yet comfortable unit, which should withstand whatever Mother Nature and humans can expose it to.

Boulder Bench

Take a seat!


boulder bench in use

Josh sitting on the job!Boulder benches