Boulder Park Bench Scribed to Stone

Our park benches are built for comfort, heft, and good looks. A marriage between wood and stone, the Boulder Park Bench was originally designed for a series of parks on flooded land that FEMA built in the wake of Hurricane Irene in 2011. We were grateful to be a part of that recovery, and continue to offer these benches as places to rest or socialize. Built as a single unit, our benches are ready to be set in place, where they will stay put for many years. Read on for more details.


Single unit: $3,000

2-4 units: $2,650 each

5 or more: $2,600 each


  • Credit Card transactions will add 3.25% to the total price.
  • Prices do not include shipping. We are happy to provide you with a quote! Site preparation and installation are NOT included in unit cost.

To order: Send us an email » or call: 802-685-7974

Lead time: Ranges from 3 – 12 weeks depending on the season and demand.

Specifications and Installation

Each Boulder Park Bench is constructed as a single unit, featuring:

Our pricing assumes that our benches are being picked up at our shop by a truck and trailer. The benches can be moved with slings and heavy equipment as pictured below. We also can deliver and coordinate with personnel on site to offload or install – please call or email to estimate costs.