Round Timber Framed Pavilion Finished

July 24, 2014

Thanks again to Daniel Girard for the amazing photos of Timberhomes’ work. The most awesome of all pavilions, raised over the winter with all Timberhomesians making an appearance at some point during the week, and with the mighty help of many campers, is now finished and being used to capacity.  Somehow, not even through it’s first season, this building looks like it grew right out of the soil at this summer camp in Central Vermont. With camp in full swing, it’s used daily as a place to meet, eat, and gather around a fire.  Email us with questions about reciprocating roofs at 

reciprocating roof with reciprocal rafters carrying cupola

Solids flowing

Shingles on a reciprocal roof

Shingled roof lends a hobbit house effect

Forked trees hold up round rafter in this reciprocal building

Dancing Forks