Classic Trailhead Kiosk

Spruce up your trailheads with our handmade mortise and tenon kiosks. With white oak posts, these classic kiosks are naturally rot-resistant. A variety of signboard, roof, and finish options allow us to customize the design to your specific needs. All of our kiosks are built with locally sourced, green timber and feature traditional timber frame joinery.

*Please Note A Recent Design Change*

We’ve changed our classic kiosk design so that the installation is simpler, the timber connections are all traditional mortise and tenon joinery, the design is more appealing overall, and is symmetrical front to back. The first two photos above show a ‘stretched version of this new design on the Appalachian Trail in Norwich, VT. See the specification sheet at left for details on the new design, and take note that there are no braces in the new classic to be screwed on. All other photos on this page show the old version of the classic kiosk.

We can make the older style on request, but as of 2017 will charge $100 extra/ unit because of additional material handling and setup.

Specifications for Standard Classic Kiosk

Our trailhead kiosks feature:

Standard Installation

Standard installation assumes the Classic Trailhead kiosk kit is being picked up at our shop. The kit will fit in a standard 8′ pick-up, and we’ll help load. For Delivery options, see the See the next section for delivery options.

Delivery and Additions

A variety of options are available to match your specific needs:

Delivery Rates

Customize a Classic Kiosk

Common Ways of Customizing