Happy in Middlesex

June 23, 2010

We collaborated with Yestermorrow on a frame for a couple in Middlesex, VT.

Raising of New Timber Frame House

Bryan and Kate in their new home.

Yestermorrow Timber Frame House Project

The frame at the end of the day with happy owners on the doorstep.

Stick Built Roof on Timber Frame

Detail of hybrid construction. Stick built roof on timber plates with two layers of 2×8 rough sawn framing to create 16″ cellulose cavity.

Wall Detail of Timber Frame for Plastering

The home will be enclosed with straw bales during the Yestermorrow Natural Building Intensive. To ease plastering, rabbets were cut into all timbers against walls and braces were moved to inside face of post to eliminate small triangles of plaster in brace corners.