Pat Kantner

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Pat was born and raised in the steely town of Bethlehem, PA. Interested in the relationship between body and mind, they went to college to study neuroscience and philosophy. The job market in academia looked bleak as they graduated during the onset of Covid-19, so they turned to seasonal work in hopes of tapping into that body-mind connection they had only ever read about. Working first at farms across New England and then at Bolton Valley Ski Resort for a few years, they quickly saw the value in working outside and with their hands.

One summer, intrigued by lifelong fascinations with building and design, they joined the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ pro build crew. They quickly fell in love with carpentry and building science while constructing Grout Pond Hut, a four season backcountry cabin on the Catamount Trail. Since joining the TimberHomes crew, Pat has spent most of their time making kiosks and cutting frames in the shop, occasionally venturing out to site to drive pegs and nail boards. When they’re not imbuing structure with soul, you’ll find them guiding backcountry ski tours in the Green Mountains, portaging a canoe through the pines, or at home curating mixtapes to play in the shop.