Josh Jackson

Josh received his BSME from Yale University in 1989 and promptly bicycled across the country to San Francisco where he pursued an interest in alternative energy and worked for Pacific Gas & Electric on energy conservation programs. A desire to bring head, hands and heart together led Josh to the Heartwood School in Massachusetts where he fell in love with timberframing and ecological building during two summers as an apprentice, and has pursued these paths through a wide variety of natural materials, handmade paper, stained glass, and of course timbers of all shapes, sizes, and species. He delights in the creation of homes that nourish community during the building process and that provide healthy, soulful, beautiful shelter. Josh continues to teach timber framing workshops at Heartwood School, Yestermorrow School, and Rocky Mountain Workshops. Prior to co-founding TimberHomes LLC, Josh spent two years at Big Timberworks in Bozeman, MT and then three years building a home for his parents before partnering with Ben Yeomans to form Humble Abode. Josh now lives in his own little timber frame home with his wife Geraldine and their two boys, Olivier and Mathis.  A good day involves more chisels than mice, lunch in the sky chairs, and a bike ride with the family.