Dawn Robin

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Hailing from the suburban sprawl outside Chicago, Dawn’s earliest encounters working with wood involved digging through construction dumpsters in search of the coolest material for driveway skate ramps. Many years later, after graduating with a B.A. in Sculpture in 2013, Dawn sowed her share of wild oats, during which time she lived in a Buddhist monastery, worked on a variety of farms, played in a punk band, and cared for a private collection of cave-aged Chinese teas. Along the way, she picked up a love for building, finding particular inspiration in the pages of Lloyd Khan’s Shelter and the structures she worked on at The Last Resort in Lagunitas, CA. In 2016, Dawn returned to Illinois and built an A-frame cabin which she lived in for 2 years.

Presently, Dawn lives in Plainfield with her sweet kitty Aldo. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano, cross-country skiing, and handcrafting niche-market wood and leather objects. Having joined TimberHomes Vermont in September 2020, she enjoys making beautiful buildings with local timbers, and feels thankful for the people who imbue this company and its structures with soul.