Shannon McIntyre

Shannon joined the TimberHomes partnership in 2016, making her the fourth member/owner on the crew.

Shannon was raised in southern Rhode Island in a town teeming with trades and craftspeople, and became interested in what they were up to in her youth. At McGill university in Montreal, she learned during an Irish Gaelic course that ‘McIntyre’ means son-of-the-carpenter, and thus she was destined for the chisel. She spent the year following graduation in small towns in Canada learning basic building skills, and preparing for an apprenticeship at the Heartwood School in Massachusetts. There, her love of timber framing was solidified. In 2012 she moved to Montpelier, Vermont and started working for TimberHomes, unaware that her job would take her to Costa Rica the following winter, allow her to begin teaching at Yestermorrow in 2013, and will someday lead her to spend a year in France working alongside French compagnons. (It’s free to dream). Shannon lives with her family in Hubbard Park in Montpelier, including but not limited to her partner Alec, and their dog Chancho the Irresistible.