Seeking More, and Less

These homeowners spent decades caring for a historic home in central Vermont, and were ready to live in a home that took care of them. They came to TimberHomes with a vision of combining high-energy performance with a classic, timeless style. The owners worked hard, and often beside us, to make this a home to treasure. It exceeds Energy Star Standards, and will be passed down for generations.

This home combines a traditional timber frame with conventional stick framed exterior walls, a method called hybrid framing. The timber framed part of the house forms a central corridor of tall posts, curved braces, and graceful arching beams which were harvested from the building site. The corridor runs the length of the house, framing the high ceilings and open floor plan that create a spacious, welcoming environment. Facing south and east, the common areas are bathed in natural light, and visually connected to the woods outside.

High Efficiency, Low Impact

TimberHomes’ conscientious insulation and air sealing system works around a complicated butterfly roof, and uses a variety of materials and techniques to create a tight but breathable envelope. We used custom windows tuned to have the best ratio of insulation to solar gain, depending on their location in the house.

An HRV system quietly keeps interior air quality healthy while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. Cellulose, Rockwool insulation, and Durisol concrete forms are all material choices that keep the environmental impact of the building itself as low as possible, without forfeiting long term energy efficiency

The finished home pulls widely from Vermont’s rich natural resources including eight different species of woods—black cherry, maple, butternut, ash, black walnut, yellow birch, eastern white pine, and apple. Live-edged trim abounds. Plastered walls, calming paint colors, and natural finishes are the finishing touches that bring this house to life. A mindful combination of materials make this structure as peaceful a space as the surrounding environment.