A Timber Framed Information Center

This kiosk is our true “flagship” model – when you need a piece that doesn’t just provide information, but truly makes the site, providing a dramatic focal point to a central plaza or gathering area. We built our first one of these in Randolph, Vermont and it was an immediate hit; the drama of the hipped and sheltering roof drew people to see what was on display.  With eight panels providing a total of 48 square feet of display area, with options to allow open or lockable postings or acrylic/resin signs, the four sided kiosk can hold a wealth of information, be shared by many groups, and be a welcoming gateway to your park or town center.

Pricing for Four-Sided Kiosks

Single unit: $9,200

2-4 units: $9,100 each

5 or more: $9,000 each

Note: Delivery, site preparation, and installation are NOT included in unit cost. Please contact us for a quote. We do not ship these, but can install them throughout the Northeast.

To order: Send us an email » or call: 802-685-7974 ext. 3

Lead time: Ranges from 8 – 12 weeks depending on the season and demand.

Four-Sided Kiosk Specs

  • Principal timber joints: Traditional mortise and tenon joinery, secured with white oak or locust pegs.
  • Posts: 6×6 white oak, for excellent durability without using treated wood. They can either be buried in the ground (standard) or attached to concrete using metal brackets (call for pricing).
  • All other timber: eastern white pine for braces, roof framing, etc.
  • Roof: rough sawn pine 1×8 with chamfered edges, white cedar shingles, dripedge, and copper ridgecap.
  • Sign Boards: 3/4” tongue in groove eastern white cedar. Left unstained (standard), these will grey out over time like the rest of the wood in the kiosk.

Four-Sided Kiosk Installation

The four-sided kiosk is the largest that we make and we will send a small crew to your site to install. Using a small crane or boom truck, we can raise the timber frame and install all of the signboards within a few hours. Please contact us to discuss your site and we’ll be happy to put together a quote that includes delivery and installation. We are happy to install these kiosks throughout the Northeast. We do not ship the four-sided kiosk.

We do not do the site preparation work, but we’re happy to communicate with a local excavation contractor to make your project happen.

Installation Requirements:

  • Four 16″ x 4′ holes per drawings (provided by us), backfilled with crushed stone. OR,
  • A concrete pad with steel U-anchors (we’ll provide drawings).

Standard Options for the Four-Sided Kiosk

  • Stain: Painted signboards – $100 – Paint options by Arborcoat® are Mission Brown or Imperial Grey
  • Signboard cover (screw-on): Add 1/8” plexiglas® cover over signboard with stained pine frame – $150 (frame screwed to plywood signboard, unscrew for removal)
  • Swinging doors: Hinged, top-swinging plexiglas® lockable door, framed in cherry – $275
  • Location sign: Can be made to go above any signboard. Made of planed & oiled 1×6 Black Locust with up to 20 hand routed letters – $190 per
  • Post options: Posts upgraded to black locust for even better rot resistance – $550
  • Scribed to Boulder Feet: Feet of posts can land on natural boulders, as in the photo of the model above. Pricing upon request. See an example of this below in a timber framed entry.
  • Brochure and registry boxes: see their own tab
  • Further customization: We are happy to make any adjustments you have in mind, but the change from our product line to a design/build arrangement costs $55/hr for design work, plus the net change in cost of materials, plus $44/hr for estimated cost of labor changes.

Add a Brochure or Registration Box to Your Kiosk

Do you need storage for maps or a registry? These simple, weather-tight boxes can be purchased to install on your kiosk. We send them with pre-drill bits and screws, so that our clients can install them on their kiosks wherever they like.

Brochure boxes: These boxes will store a tri-fold brochure or map, displaying them through their plexiglass front. – $200 ($225 stained)

Registration boxes: The front of these registration boxes folds down to reveal a sturdy writing surface with a clasp to hold a small stack of 8.5″ x 11″ paper.- $250 ($275 stained)