The Four-Sided Kiosk

This kiosk is our true “flagship” model – when you need a piece that doesn’t just provide information, but truly makes the site, providing a dramatic focal point to a central plaza or gathering area. We built our first one of these in Randolph, Vermont and it was an immediate hit; the drama of the hipped and sheltering roof drew people to see what was on display.  With eight panels providing a total of 48 square feet of display area, with options to allow open or lockable postings or acrylic/resin signs, the four sided kiosk can hold a wealth of information, be shared by many groups, and be a welcoming gateway to your park or town center.

Specifications for Standard Four-Sided Kiosk

Standard Installation Procedure

Standard installation assumes the Custom Kiosk kit is being picked up at our shop. See the next section for delivery options.

Delivery Options and Customizing your Kiosk