The Timeless Park Bench

Our locust benches are classic, comfortable, and most importantly, they last. As the name suggests, they’re built from Black Locust wood, a rot resistant species that will hold up against whatever nature wants to throw at it. The bench seat will be pre-fit to the posts, but the unit will arrive in two packages: The bench itself, and the two 4″x4″ posts, allowing for an easy install, and the potential to carry the pieces separately up a trail or to a remote site. These benches are made from regionally sourced wood and built by our talented crews in Vershire, and Montpelier Vermont.

Pricing for Locust Benches

Single unit: $1,200

2-4 units: $1,100 each

5 or more: $1,000

*Credit Card transactions will add 3.25% to the total price.

Note: Prices are for pickup in Montpelier or Vershire, Vermont. y
ry quotes upon request.
Site preparation and installation are not included in unit cost.

To order: Send us an email » or call: 802-685-7974

Lead time: Ranges from 4 – 16 weeks, depending on the season and demand.

Locust Bench Specs

– Posts are 4″x4″ Black Locust with 4 feet of post length intended for embedment.
– Benches are 5 feet long, and seat and backrest are made from 5/4″ locust planks. They come assembled and attached to “L” brackets with stainless steel deck screws.
– “L” brackets are either Locust or White Oak, also a natural rot resistant, locally sourced wood species appropriate for outdoor applications.
– Benches are pre-fit to posts, and come with the structural lag screws needed to fasten benches to posts.

Standard Options for Locust Benches

  • Customizing: We are happy to make any adjustments you have in mind for an hourly labor/design rate plus materials; for example:
    • Making the bench shorter or longer.
    • Custom Engraving/Dedication: Through the use of third party sign makers, TimberHomes can offer the dedication or text to memorialize your bench. Please call to discuss. 
    • Metal Railings: To assist with handicapped or limited mobility visitors, TimberHomes can offer stainless steel handrails. Please call for pricing.

Locust Bench Installation

Our locust benches are simple to install and the work can be readily done by a group of 3-4 people following our instructions. With your bench purchase, we will provide separate installation directions including an exact center-to-center post hole dimension.

For the standard Locust Bench:

  • Dig two 12″ holes, 4′-3″ deep, 3′ 4″ apart on center.
  • We recommend installing 8”x4’ (or larger) tubes, such as culverts or sonotubes, at the post hole locations.
  • Insert posts into tubes and back fill with clean gravel while you check for plumb and level. We DO NOT recommend backfilling with concrete.
  • We recommend that you consult Dig Safe before to ensure that your installation will be safe.
  • Once posts are set, hold the bench so the the holes for the structural lag screw align, and fasten the bench with the screws provided.
  • Sit back and relax.

Delivery and Shipping

Our prices assume pickup at one of our shops, in Montpelier or Vershire, Vermont. A single locust bench can fit easily in to the back of a pickup truck.  Please discuss vehicle requirements with us depending on your order.

  • Pick-up: Our products will be Free On Board at either of our shop locations (Vershire and Montpelier), however, we will specify which shop your kiosk must be picked up from. If you have a preference, please be sure to tell us.
  • Delivery: We will charge a roundtrip mileage rate to deliver. Ask for a quote.
  • Shipping:TimberHomes relies extensively on third party “hotshot” or LTL carriers to deliver our products. Depending upon your location, quantity of units, and scheduling constraints, the costs and requirements of getting products to you can vary greatly. Please call to discuss.

Nature of Wood

Our products are built using wood from our local forests. We strive to choose timber of the highest quality for your project. However, trees are unique and, as such, are not perfectly uniform. The wood used for our handcrafted products may have knots, wormholes, blue stain, or wane.  Typically none of these features pose any kind of risk to the structural integrity of your bench.

The wood we use is also green (meaning recently cut) or air dried, and comes from our local sawmills. It is not kiln dried wood from a lumber yard. As green wood dries it may develop checking or cracks, it may shrink or twist, and like all of us, it will grey over time. These characteristics make natural wood products unique. None of these characteristics affect the structural integrity of the wood or the kiosk. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you inspect your bench on an annual basis for signs of deterioration, and be in touch if you have concerns.