Kiosk Production Run Underway

January 25, 2018

The typical mid-January slowdown in construction has been anything but for TimberHomes this year. When not designing, cutting, or erecting timber frames for houses or barns, TimberHomes enjoys working on its line of timber frame trailhead kiosks. In the 12 years of time since TimberHomes built its first wayfinding kiosk, we have refined our designs, the palette of materials used to make them, and most recently our style of production.

Classic Kiosk parts

Timbers Ready for Cutting

As timber frame structures remain our bread and butter, switching gears into building kiosks is not always easy. Reallocating shop space, mental energy, and the workforce is sometimes a challenge. In an effort to smooth this out, last year, TimberHomes held its very first “production run” to make most of the year’s needed components for the Classic and Mini kiosks. Made from mostly short pieces of White Pine, the girts, plates, and ridges all store quite well and, despite having been cut green, do not typically twist or “blown up”.

Production Run Underway!

The end result is a story of efficiency. While there remains plenty of work to do on a kiosk before it’s ready for shipment, having most of the work done beforehand has helped enormously in limiting the disruption to other timber framing projects in the shop. With less to do to prepare a unit, filling a kiosk order is both quicker and less stressful on the facility and the crew.

Classic Kiosk

Mortising Kiosk Timbers

With components ready to go, TimberHomes should be ready for most of 2018’s kiosk orders. If your organization is in need of a kiosk, please be in touch.

Classic Kiosk

Drilling Peg Holes