Shipping Kiosks

December 1, 2017

TimberHomes recently shipped two Classic Kiosks to Chatham University in Gibsonia, PA. While it’s not unusual for TimberHomes to ship kiosks around the country, this recent experience highlighted the reality that the process is now smoother and cheaper than ever before. Over the years, the challenge of efficiently and effectively packing up all the components of a kiosk: roof section, signboard assembly, and White Oak posts has become much easier.

Pictured below is the custom pallet that TimberHomes constructs to transport kiosk roofs and signboard assemblies (resting underneath the roof). Together, they are encased in a plywood box for protection.  At the corners there are blocks screwed in place to keep the unit from sliding around inside the box. This is especially important in the case that the roof section has been upgraded to Cedar shingles (as shown here) from the standard metal channel drain roof.

Classic Kiosk Roof Section with Cedar Shingles

The following step is to build another pallet for the White Oak posts, With the Gibsonia order of two Classic Kiosks, TimberHomes was able to combine all four posts onto one pallet. Multiple unit sales allow for such savings with an economy of scale.

Even with four, the packing up the 6″ x 6″ posts is a challenge because they are just under 12′ long. Note that on one end there is yet another plywood box that wraps one end of the pallet. The box, along with ratchet straps, keeps the load together as it is picked up from that end by our forklift and slid into the back of an eighteen wheeler.

4 White Oak Posts Ready for Transport

The use of common carriers such as FedEx and Land Air Express has greatly increased the size of the market for TimberHomes’ trailhead kiosks. Despite the gangly, awkward nature of the pallets, prices to ship a kiosk are surprisingly low. In the case of the Gibsonia oder,  FedEx’s total bill was just about $700. Considering that the distance was over 600 miles and the total weight about 1300 pounds, it’s easy to see the advantage over having TimberHomes deliver or having the client pick up the units.

For a quote to have a TimberHomes kiosk delivered to you, please email Mike Perkins, our kiosk manager:.

Signboard Assembly on Homemade Pallet awaits Roof Section

Additional Box to Safely Transport Pegs and Installation Instructions