Mini Kiosk Production Run Underway

April 12, 2018

Thanks to strong springtime sales, TimberHomes has embarked on another production run of its Mini Trailhead Kiosk. This is the second such event to be held already this year, the first being for the Classic Trailhead Kiosk.  While not all of these wayfinding information centers have been sold, the run will give TimberHomes the ability to easily and efficiently fill the year’s Mini orders.

Mini Trailhead Kiosks Being Stored

The Mini’s structural components, like those of  TimberHomes’ other outdoor products, are made of green White Oak. There was initially concern that storing the units for long periods of time would lead to twisting and warping. Fortunately, it seems that when stacked together carefully, given ample room to dry, and covered thoughtfully to ward off weather and especially the sun, the Minis hold their form quite well.

For TimberHomes’ outdoor products, White Oak is a great option for a few reasons. Its high level of rot resistance and durability make it arguably better than pressure treated wood. Afterall, White Oak has been used to make house sills and wine barrels for centuries! As all of TimberHomes’ kiosks are timber framed, the cutting and especially morticing processes do produce dust. While we do take precautions against Oak dust, there is solace in knowing that the material is natural and free of “protective” additives which exist in pressure treated wood.

As an additional step towards making TimberHomes’  kiosks more environmentally friendly, Eastern White Cedar has replaced plywood as the signboard. To add to the structural integrity of kiosks, plywood was used intentionally as the base layer of the “bulletin board”.  However after experimentation, it become apparent that those fears were unfounded. In the case of the Mini, the mortice and tenon joinery is sufficiently strong to keep the trailhead kiosk together without wracking, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Additionally, White Cedar is quite rot resistant, and especially so after being stained!

Mini Kiosk Headers Made of White Oak

The high demand for the Minis so far in 2018, is very encouraging, and the hope is that it will continue. A heartfelt thanks to the Chicopee Watershed (MA), Metacomet Land Trust (Franklin, MA),  Essex Land Trust (CT), and Local Motion (Burlington, VT) for giving us a great start to the season! If the Mini seems like a good match for your needed outdoor displays, please do contact our kiosk manager for a quote.

Mini Kiosks White Oak Posts

Mini Kiosk Lower Girt Lay Out

Kiosk Pegs Made of White Oak