Customizing Your Trailhead Kiosk

April 20, 2018

When considering one of TimberHomes’ Trailhead Kiosks, it’s worth keeping in mind the numerous options that are available to fine tune one of our units to make it just right for your location and display. Prices for the various upgrades and add-ons are clearly shown on our website and easy to budget for.

stretched classic trailhead kiosk with brochure holder and sign in

Streched Classic Kiosk with Cedar Roof, Location Sign, Brochure and Log Book Holders

While the dimensions of the stock plans for TimberHomes’ wayfinding kiosks are typically consistent, they are not necessarily fixed. Especially in the case of the Classic kiosk, it’s common that, by special order, they can be “stretched” to maximize the information display area. While the size of the Classic’s standard signboard is 3’6″ x 2’8″, it is possible to grow it to 6’x4′. It is possible with all of TimberHomes’ kiosks to order a “double-sided” signboard.

Doubled or not, Signboards are made of Eastern White Cedar which is quite rot resistant, though soft enough to easily push in a tack. They are stained with your choice of Mission Brown or Arborcoat Imperial Grey. To cover part of all of the display area, a Signboard Cover can supplement the basic package. Accordingly, covers can be screwed-on or hinged. If the cover is hinged, a custom made stainless steel pin, which is ready for a small padlock (not included), allows for the Signboard Cover to be easily secured.  In either case, the wooden picture frames surrounding the plexiglass are made of either oiled Black Cherry, or stained White Pine.

Kiosk upgrade customization

Mini Kiosk With High Pressure Laminate Signboard

If a more permanent wayfinding display is desired, TimberHomes will coordinate with a subcontractor to get a high pressure laminate panel to serve in place of the standard signboard assembly. Such signs are ideal for maps and information that are immutable. They are guaranteed for 10 years against weather and UV light. They are also highly resistant to scratches and graffiti.  TimberHomes can, again with the help of a subcontractor, assist with the design of your display. Given the need for outside help, pricing for high pressure laminate signboards is variable and must be done on a per project basis.

Considering the roof, the standard kit of TimberHomes’ kiosks include Imperial Rib channel drain metal. As an upgrade, Eastern White Cedar shingles are often used to replace metal. Though not common, we have on a occasion covered our kiosks with standing seam metal, asphalt shingles, or Western Red Cedar shingles.

The Location Sign is a very common addition made to a TimberHomes’ trailhead kiosk. Accordingly, a location’s name is routed into a Black Locust or White Oak board. To preserve the appearance, the Location Sign is sanded and oiled. With stainless steel screws, it is then attached to the kiosk posts. In the case of the Mini kiosk, the location’s name is routed directly into the unit’s header.

Other popular add ons include the Brochure Holder and Sign-In Box. While both units are not currently displayed on the TimberHomes website, they are available, by special order, for $150 each. While still in the design phase, plans to develop a “Little Library” are underway. If it is an essential for your project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to TimberHomes’ kiosk manager, as we’d likely be able to accommodate your needs.

kiosk brochure holder- upgrade

Brochure Holder

log-in book

Log-In Box













It is also possible to add a “double sided” bench to the Classic and Custom Kiosks for the benefit of fatigued wayfinders. Much like our kiosks, bench components are made of rot resistant White Oak and Eastern White Cedar. The structural members and the seat and backrest slats are predrilled for the included fasteners. A kit comes with additional installation instructions and will require about an hour of time and the use of a cordless drill.

A timber frame kiosk with bench and display area and cedar shingle roof

Custom Kiosk with Bench and Cedar Roof

While TimberHomes’ kiosks do offer a wide array of both add-ons and customizations, we have been on occasion asked to consider other visions for a kiosk. Even if you don’t find exactly what you need from our product line, we’d still appreciate hearing from you. Our designs have been refined in the 12+ years that we’ve been making kiosks, and it has often been the ideas of customers who have caused us to reconsider what we offer. We’d love to hear from you!

custom trailhead kiosk with hinged signboard

Custom Kiosk with Hinged Signboard Cover

Stretched Trailhead Classic with Screwed-On Signboard Cover

Stretched Classic with Screwed-On Signboard Cover