Amherst, MA Installs a Four-Sided Kiosk

February 2, 2021

In December of 2020, TimberHomes cut and installed a Four-Sided Kiosk at the Groff Park in Amherst, Massachusetts. The timber frame information kiosk is located in the center of a stylish circular concrete slab which serves as the entrance to a new playground. Adjacent to the playground are numerous amenities such as ball fields, a pavilion, and even a TimberHomes Classic Kiosk. Judging by the number of people who visited the park during the installation, it’s clearly an appreciated focal point for Amherst residents, especially young families.

The Timber Frame Four-Sided Kiosk is a great example of TimberHomes’s craftsmanship and material choices. Attached with the Timberlinx post base system, four White Oak posts hold up the 8 information panels made of Eastern White Cedar tongue and groove boards attached to 4 White Pine Girts. Using mortice and tenon joinery, the post and signboard assembly hold up a heavy timber hipped roof which is a fine example of compound timber frame joinery.

Sheathed with 6/4 White Pine Decking, the roof was then protected with roofing underlayment and Cedar Breather. Finally, the roof is shingled with Eastern White Cedar Shingles. Its hips caps are covered with custom made copper flashing. It’s a point of great pride that our Four-Sided Kiosk will have decades of service in Amherst!