Winooski Installs Newly Designed Classic Kiosks

February 10, 2018

New Classic Kiosk

The town of Winooski, Vermont, recently installed three newly designed Classic Kiosks at the Casavant Natural Area, Landry Park, and Memorial Park.  The new Classic has some important changes which make the kiosk more of a timber frame than previous versions. The new design has done away with Pine braces and now relies on the strength of a post top through mortice and tenon joint and 1″ White Oak pegs to keep the roof section securely attached to its posts.

timber frame kiosk

Post Top and Collar Tie Through Mortise /Tenon Joints

In similar fashion, the through joint is again used to attach the collar ties to the plates. Instead of using steel lag screws, a wooden peg is again called upon to secure the joint. While these changes do not pose a significant change in terms of function, they have made this wayfinding Kiosk a true timber frame unlike its hybrid predecessor. For us who make the kiosks, the process is more  enjoyable!

The Winooski kiosks also have some significant upgrades from the standard Classic Kiosk. They are all double sided with a back side of rot resistant Eastern White Cedar paneling, whose softness makes it an easy place for the public to pin up information, Two of the Winooski information kiosks are “stretched”. Being over two feet wider than the Classic Basic Kit, there’s enough room to have a second Black Cherry/Plexiglas door. Instead of a channel drain roof, their roofs were made of  Eastern White Cedar shingles and ridge cap.

Kiosk Upgrades

Wide Classic Kiosk with Cedar Roof, Brochure and Log Book Holders

In the picture above, the left side post also has a Brochure Holder. The right side has a Log Book Holder. Both of these are additional upgrades that are available with any of TimberHomes’ Kiosks. If you’re interested in outfitting your wayfinding kiosk with any of the above mentioned upgrades, remember to mention it to our Kiosk Manager.

Kiosk upgrade

Brochure Holder

Kiosk upgrade

Log Book Holder


Kiosk Upgrade

Back of Two-Sided “Stretched” Classic Kiosk