Timber Frame Shed for Boat and Equipment Storage

Build the Barn First

Designing and building this barn was the fist stage of a larger construction project here in Brookfield, which now includes a finished timber frame home and a tiny house on wheels. The barn was designed to act first as a workshop space while the house was constructed, and then to fit a truck, tractor and boat. There is ample space on the first floor, with trussing in the roof allowing for a twenty two foot clear span in two of the four bents, and extra storage space in the loft over one bay. Healthy overhangs (2’6 along both the eaves and gable ends) provide some additional covered storage outside, and give substantial protection to the hemlock shiplap siding. The overall cost of this barn was kept low by using the ground as the first floor, and by using reclaimed trimless windows. The barn now carries a 6.9 kilowatt grid-tied solar PV array, bringing the energy use for the home and barn to net zero.