Our Energy Efficient, Pre-fab, Timber Frame House

November 30, 2020

We are very excited to have our first ever Very Fine House under construction. The Very Fine House is our response to customers asking for a more affordable house, while keeping what people love best; custom timber framing, strong attention to detail, and a professional, stream-lined process.

While this house is not a Passive House, we have made it extremely air tight by using smart-weather barrier Mento 3000 from 475 High Performance Building Supply that is often used in Passive House construction. Additionally, the rough sawn pine sheathing and timber frame elements are all locally sourced and milled by our favorite sawyer, Mike, just 40 minutes from our shop. Local wood products have a much lower embodied carbon, making them more sustainable as a building product. The closer we can get to forest-to-house, the better.

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