A Very Fine House

Where craftsmanship and savings meet

Our line of pre-designed, energy efficient, timber homes that save you the costs of designing a custom home. The Very Fine House, as we are calling it, will have the same attention to detail, style, and energy efficiency as our custom homes, but will offer a streamlined process that will give you the same TimberHomes quality you know and love with a much quicker turn-around time.

How We Build

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Traditional Timber Framing

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Typical Construction Costs

Secluded timber frame home full of windows and light.

Very Fine House, 2-3 Bedroom

This energy efficient cape can be purchased as either a two-bedroom or three-bedroom home. Energy efficient panels built in our shop will provide protection against hot summers and harsh winters. Sleek and naturally curved timbers provide both the structure and the soul of this building. This house combines the age-old craft of timber framing and modern energy efficient technology, providing the perfect home for you and your family.

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