New Interpretive Sign Kiosk For Northern Vermont

March 27, 2018

TimberHomes recently designed a new Interpretive Sign Kiosk for the Connecticut River Conservancy, and the unit is scheduled to be built and delivered to East Burke, VT, by early Summer. While in concept, it’s not a large departure from TimberHomes’ other Kiosks, it does represent some significant changes.

Interpretative Sign

Top View

Instead of having a roof and a plexiglass covered information signboard, the unit’s 3’x3′ unsheltered signboard is its focal point. Though exposed to the elements, the 3/4″ high pressure laminated sign, provided by IZone Imaging, is guaranteed for 10 years to resist ultraviolet light and whatever weather Mother Nature can throw at it. Being exposed to the general public, its durable finish is also promised to be highly resistant scratches and grafitti.

The Interpretive Sign’s fixed display is a departure from TimberHomes’s standard signboard assembly, whereas it is up to the owner to post and update information behind a plexiglass covering. While less flexible, the presentation of the Interpretive Sign is a very aesthetic and  professional way to exhibit information about a location that is immutable. For this project, the design of the sign’s content is being handled by RavenMark who is working directly with the CTRC.

Interpretative Sign

Underside View

Similar to TimberHomes’s other Kiosks, the Interpretive Sign is mounted on a pair of rot resistant White Oak posts. A pair of girts, one of White Oak and another of curved Black Cherry, hold the posts in position, utilizing mortice and tenon joinery. Like any timber frame, wooden pegs are used to attach the wooden members to one another. A pair of White Oak runners and braces, carefully attached to the sign’s underside are used to provide additional support, in the case that a passerby be tempted to sit on it!

While this is the Interpretive Sign Kiosk’s debut, it’s clear that it holds a great deal of potential in becoming an important part of TimbeHomes’ kiosk business. Ideal for historical or wayfinding displays, the Interpretive Sign Kiosk should be a good match for match for nature centers, parks or even city centers. If it seems like it might be a good match for your project, please do contact TimberHomes’ kiosk manager.

Interpretative Sign

Side View