Fayetteville, PA Receives a Four-Sided Kiosk

December 13, 2023

This Fall, TimberHomes shipped a Four-Sided Kiosk to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) in Fayetteville. The project was unique because it was the first time TimberHomes built but did not install the information center. Sent assembled into to roof and post/girt assemblies, the installation of the Four-Sided Kiosk was left to the DCNR team. To prepare for the project, the TimberHomes and DCNR teams met on Zoom to discuss the finer points of unloading and installation.

Additionally, the TimberHomes team took care to ensure success prior the Four-Sided’s departure. The kiosk’s posts, girts and braces were all pre-fit in the shop. Later, the TimberHomes team pegged together the frame’s x-style girts to the posts and installed the display panels.  After  additional temporary bracing was set, the assembly was ready to be pre-fit to the roof in the yard.

In Pennsylvania, the DCNR team off loaded the post/girt assembly, turned it, and dropped it into pre-dug holes. After backfilling and installing the braces to the posts, the roof, temporarily attached to skids, was flown in and dropped down onto the brace and post tops.  What a relief it was for the TimberHomes team to know that the kiosk had already fit together once and was going to a capable DCNR team.