A Timeless Timber Frame Barn in Northfield, Vermont

January 15, 2021

This beautiful queen post timber frame barn was a joy to build in every way. We cut this frame in the Vershire shop in the spring of 2020 and quickly raised it in late May. While this timber frame barn does not have the TimberHomes signature curved black cherry braces, It was refreshing to cut a classic barn frame with straight braces and stark symmetry. The shallower than usual 7/12 roof pitch helps provide abundant loft space while not making the barn feel “overbearing” from outside. This frame went together quite smoothly and felt like a success all around.

The new barn-owners plan to use this as a workshop, storage space, and processing facility for their new farm in Northfield, VT. Before TimberHomes Vermont’s arrival, Third Branch Horse Logging came through and logged most of the property. With their team of horses, they strategically worked around mast-producing, fruit-producing, and high quality lumber trees. The barn-owners are in the process of carving out a shaded permaculture forest garden on their plot of land. Over time, they will incorporate more mast-bearing and fruit-bearing trees along with shrubs, berry bushes, herbs, vegetables, and some livestock. Their new barn will offer some much needed utility and flexibility as they create this dreamy permaculture garden. We can’t wait to see the farm grow from, and around, this timeless timber frame barn. Stay tuned for an update!