Town of Vershire Pavilion Raising Today Brings Community Together

September 17, 2023

Town of Vershire Vermont is a huge step closer to its long- sought community gathering place – a timber framed Town Pavilion. A highly successful traditional barn-raising today with 20 local and distant volunteers raised the frame and got half the roof deck in place. All going well, a crew of close to 30 will complete nailing the roof deck on by hand tomorrow morning, just ahead of more rain…

With over $25,000 in local donations, the Town was able to earn a $40,000 match from Vermont’s “Better Places” program; TimberHomes secured donations from Iron Horse Standing Seam Roofing, McCullough Crushing, Mike’s Custom Milling, Thrasher Construction, Tilden Electric and Weed Precast worth thousands more. TimberHomes designed the frame and cut the mortise and tenon joinery in local white pine timber for this 30×42’ structure.

“We always wonder whether all the parts will fit…but when we get the friends and neighbors to help hoist the timbers, and it all comes together – the feeling of community satisfaction is palpable and deep” said TimberHomes co-founder Josh Jackson. Co-founder David Hooke noted the lifelong connections that come from these raisings and offered congratulations to Reva Bick and Caro Bick, who were heart of the Town’s planning and fundraising effort.

Since 2005 TimberHomes has worked with towns and other public and private entities to create structures that are beautiful, functional and timeless. We delight in supporting communities and the local economy and try to leave our patch of forest a little better than we found it.