Timberhomes welcomes three new employees

October 14, 2013

Among some of the great changes to Timberhomes in recent months has been the addition of three employees to the team. They responded to a short survey, including a few leading questions, so that we could all get to know them a bit better.

Anne Gallagher – Bookkeeper

Anne crashes a wedding and sneaks the cake back to her accomplices.

Anne crashes a wedding and sneaks the cake back to her accomplices.

Anne’s been working in Vershire for a few months, gently whipping us all into shape in her role as bookkeeper and office organization master. She comes from a large group of siblings and siblings in law (see photo), and is motivated by learning new skills and applying old ones. Anne thinks that Vermont is the best state to live in because where else could you call any state department and get “Hello, this is Lisa; how may I help you today?”

We’re better off at the company now because we can all point at Anne and declare ourselves young (most of the partners attempted this daily before Anne brought them a basis on which to declare their youth.  Thanks Anne, for helping out the dads.) Anne’s looking forward to reorganizing the books for 2014, and we’re looking forward to working with her.

Paul Denison- intern


Paul grew up in Dallas, Texas, and comes to us after having interned at Yestermorrow Design Build school. He’s recently celebrated his one year Vermontship, and in his opinion, what makes Vermont the best state is …’creemees, mostly…oh and Old Time music! And timber framing!’

Paul is motivated by the process of building- the puzzling and problem solving that comes with a project like, say, a bicycle powered lathe. He’s interested in finding a relevant place for older crafts in modern, ‘high performance’ construction, and how practices like natural building and timber framing can balance out and compliment modern building products. Timberhomes will benefit from Paul’s analytic problem solving to do as much, and the dynamite team he makes with Ms. Cohen (see below). During his time with Timberhomes, Paul is looking forward to learning about timber framing, and working on our upcoming panelized natural building project, an exploration in the intersection of a traditional craft with modern fabrication techniques.

Rachel Cohen- intern


Rachel grew up in Evanston, IL (aka, the flatlands). She also comes to Timberhomes after an internship at Yestermorrow, where she had her first taste of timber framing. She is motivated by the people around her, and creative challenges. Rachel thinks Vermont is the best state because every wind and bend it presents a new spectacle of mountaintops, cloudscapes, tree tangles, and old or odd structures. It’s also filled with resourceful, explorative, and engaging people, young and old.

Timberhomes couldn’t be luckier to have her on board because she’s so excited to add to our small, humorous and hardworking community, learn a lot, and be as energetic and productive a member of the crew as she can, and turn her engineering eye toward timber framing.