TimberHomes’ Montpelier Shop Opens

April 3, 2019

TimberHomes officially buzzed through the ribbon to open the Montpelier shop with the help of Mayor Anne Watson on March 8, 2019.  TimberHomes’ Montpelier crew spent the last six winters working in an unheated tent in Middlesex and are universally thrilled to be settling into their new digs.  With a radiant concrete floor and a soaring timber frame, the shop is not only considerably warmer than the tent, but it is also both functional and beautiful.

The Montpelier shop cuts the joinery and the timbers in a climate-controlled environment before the materials are sent to job sites.  The shop allows for more precision and control in the cutting of timbers.  Once on-site, the frames are then pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle to create stunning homes, barns and garages that will last for countless generations.