TimberHomes’ Montpelier Shop is Electrified

December 28, 2018

Since June, TimberHomes has been working steadily towards completion of its Montpelier shop. It was with great relief that we witnessed the “powering” of the shop last week. Since that moment, Integrity Electric has been running wires, installing outlets, and hanging lights. After much anticipation, the generator, which has been running for almost 6 straight months, has finally been silenced!

Taking into account designing, budgeting, permitting and the hands-on work, the Montpelier shop has been Timberhomes’  focus for well over a year. Many of us have been dreaming about it for even longer! With luck, the new shop will become a fixture in the Central Vermont economy and a statewide beacon for value added wood products from Vermont and the region’s forest resources.