Timber Framer’s Guild Conference in Manchester, NH

August 29, 2014

The Timber Framer’s Guild convened this year in lovely Manchester, New Hampshire, at Southern NH University. Spirits were high and camaraderie ubiquitous this year, as members of the Guild gathered from the far corners of the Northeast and beyond to discuss all matters timber. Timberhomes LLC’s Josh Jackson spoke on a panel titled “Timber Frame: The Next Generation,” encompassing how younger timberframers are making careers for themselves, and where they see the future of the industry. Other presentations ranged from an introduction to the French methods of visualizing complex three dimensional forms, estimating your jobs, photographing your work, a mobile sawmill demonstration, and a talk on ‘A History of Timberframing in America’, given by the ever-sage Jack Sobon. This year kicked off the Ed Levin Memorial speaker series with a great talk by Ken Burns, the documentary filmmaker who recently hired a timberframing company in New Hampshire to build his home. The Guild is a non-profit education and training organization, that Timberhomes has benefited greatly from being involved with throughout the years.

Invitation to Timber Framers Guild conference in Manchester, New Hampshire

Guild invitation