Timber Framers Guild 2020 Recap

February 18, 2021

TimberHomes Vermont recently sent a virtual envoy to the Timber Framers Guild 2020 retrospective! We are grateful that the zoom presentation was recorded and is available to watch here, on Youtube. If you’re interested in what TimberHomes has been up to during the 2020 building season, please tune in! Ariel, a recent addition to our host of “partner-owners,” did an excellent job summing up some of our most exciting projects that span from a prefab timber frame house, to a large half-round log/half square timber frame barn in upstate New York. If you have any interest in timber framing, I highly recommend listening to the entire recording and getting involved with the Timber Framers Guild. It is inspiring to listen to what all these uniquely talented timber framers have accomplished, especially during such trying times.

We are grateful that Ariel is taking the lead on being more involved with the Timber Framers Guild, so stay-tuned for more guild-related news!