Timber Frame Barn Raising in Bethel

October 17, 2017

In July, TimberHomes raised a 28’ x 38’ two story barn in Bethel. The barn, complete with: a bedroom, shop space, second floor recreation area and a cupola, ties in nicely with the overarching landscape design by Jack Rossi of Woodstock.

Designed over the Winter, and cut during the Spring, the timber frame was erected in a couple of days with the help of Classen Crane, who in expert fashion flew the pre-constructed cupola up to the top of the roof! The remainder of the “barn storm” week was dedicated to installing roof boards, weather/air barrier, Roxul insulation, and nailing down the second story floorboards.

During the barn raising, the homeowners and their children tirelessly cut to length and chamfered the Pine boards for the roof and floor. When not processing wood, they worked tirelessly to feed not only themselves and the TimberHomes crowd, but also the crews of Griffin Builders and George Wohlgemuth Landscapes who were also there to help advance the project.

With great company, food, almost perfect weather, and even a bear sighting, the barn raising was a highlight of 2017 season!

roof boards

Putting on roof boards

A timber frame barn with a cupola is beginning to be roofed

At a timber frame barn raising, the cupola is lowered into place with a crane

Here comes the cupola!

At a timber frame barn raising, a crane lowers the first bent into place

The first bent is flown in

Rafters waiting to be raised onto a timber frame barn Timo Bradley stands by for a top plate to be flown in