Timber Frame Barn Raised in Halifax, VT

October 16, 2018

TimberHomes spent the first official days of autumn raising a 30’ x 60’ two story barn in Halifax, a town on Vermont’s southern border. Persistent rain and muddy conditions were no match for a great crew and a generous host, as the frame was successfully erected over the course of three days.

After spending the summer cutting the frame, the Vershire crew traveled to Halifax for the raising. There they were joined by Andrew (currently working on the new shop build in Montpelier) and Gus, a visiting carpenter from California who eagerly volunteered his time for the week. Thanks again Gus!

With the help of TimberHomes’ favorite crane operator, Thomas from Classen Crane, five bents and 42 rafters were impressively flown into place. The crew then shifted its efforts to installing tongue and groove roof decking and a layer of Intello air / vapor barrier. Designed as a multi-use structure, the Harris barn will be fully insulated and used for a shop and storage space. Homeowner, David Harris, also plans to hang hammocks from the barn’s center straining beams in an effort to create the perfect space for an afternoon nap. Lastly, a side porch, cut from white oak posts, will be installed later this month, adding to the versatility of the structure.

Throughout the raising of his new barn, David Harris became an honorary member of the TimberHomes crew. When he wasn’t hammering pegs, David was preparing a feast for eight hungry timber framers. Each day ended around a dinner table full of good food, good drink, and good conversation. A highlight of the evenings included a crew-wide chess tournament with David’s homemade chess set.

All of this, coupled with a successful barn raising, made for a memorable beginning to the fall 2018 building season. Piece written by Kyle Baumgardner