Timber Frame Barn Featuring Round Log Posts

October 9, 2020

TimberHomes Vermont had the distinct pleasure of raising a barn in Eagle Bridge, NY this September. Originally on the schedule for mid-July, the barn eventually ended up being raised in September due to pandemic related travel restrictions and logistical concerns. The frame was cut in in our Montpelier, VT shop this past winter and spring. This timber frame looks a good bit different from our other timber frame barns. The Barn-owner wanted a natural, round-log look in the basement, so the queen posts that go from the basement foundation up to the principal rafter are round in the basement, but square from the first floor up. Luckily our sawyer is talented and agreeable enough to accommodate a partially milled timber!

We had the privilege of staying in a very cute little farm house right across the street from the job-site. The homestead was complete with old sheds, a flock of chickens, and a friendly goat.

Our crew of seven was able to raise the frame, install a corrugated roof, and install the first floor deck in just under two weeks. We contracted a local construction company to install the ship-lap pine siding to avoid spending a third week “abroad” in upstate New York.

Barn raisings are always a special time where we get to see months or, sometimes, years of planning come together. This one felt particularly remarkable in that while the world seemed unsteady and wavering, we at TimberHomes Vermont knew exactly where this barn was headed… up!