The Vermont Solar Carport: Our First Roofless Model

August 30, 2022

Though we continue to offer fully roofed versions, we have now followed the industry trend and engineered a “roofless” version where the solar panels are the roof.  Panels are racked on metal frames attached to the timbers; the panels are gasketed tightly together to keep out the weather, backed up with metal flashing caps on the tops of all timbers.  The panels are bi-facial, so they get sun from both sides, which is a particular help in winter with reflected “snowlight.’ Chain stays provide the needed bracing.  The Royal Group at 150 Woodstock Ave., Rutland, contracted with Same Sun VT for their solar needs, and Same Sun contacted us.  Goliathtech VT installed the helical piles to which the posts are anchored. We raised the frame in mid-May and Same Sun put the panels on it shortly thereafter. 

Please see this article for questions about how projects like this work with the federal solar tax credit.  Solar carports are truly the two-for-one special!  Please contact your solar provider to see if they would like to work with us.