Swift Timber Frame Barn Raising kicks off the Season

July 11, 2016

A timber frame barn raising several weeks ago in Norwich, VT felt like a super productive, jovial start to the building season for us at TimberHomes Vermont. Interesting, interested clients always make a major difference in the vibe of the project. These clients gathered some of their own kin and kind to help with construction tasks while TimberHomes and a local crane outfit raised this queen post barn. This was a typical TimberHomes barn raising event balancing long, hard days of work and abundant snacking. Early Monday morning there was only a slab. Four days later, a barn had been born complete with roof deck, weather barrier, second floor decking down, and some siding installed. Clients and friends finished up the work of siding, and we returned to help with some other minor tasks. Thanks to our clients for the final few photos of the finished timber frame barn.

Benson_Barn_Timber and crane

Timber Frame barn arrives on a boom truck ready for raising


Clients standing on the second floor of their freshly minted timber frame barn

Benson_Barn a clean sweep

Mikey wins King of the Mountain.


Timber frame barn with board sheathing installed

Benson_Barn_With Siding

Handsome red siding makes its way around the barn. Top guard protects the roof


What a barn!

Benson_Barn From on high

Totally finished barn, weeks after timber frame raising. A beauty!

A timber frame barn with red shiplap siding and channel drain metal roof

Channel drain metal roof and red siding