Studio with Custom floor inlays

January 23, 2010

During a renovation project it became apparent that more support was needed for the roof over an above-garage studio space. In a manner like building a ship in a bottle, we raised two 30′ purlin plates with the requisite post, braces, and tie beams inside the studio. The structure is supported in the garage with a steel frame. We then finished the room with yellow birch panels on the walls and ceiling, a black walnut wainscot and chair rail, and maple flooring. As a finishing touch we installed curly maple and black walnut medallions into the floor.

Studio Hardwood Floor Medallion Inlay

walnut and maple inlaid into the floor

Hardwood Floor in Studio

Studio floor

Transom Windows in Hardwood Paneling

Walnut panelling in studio with transom windows

Hardwood Timber Frame Braces in Studio

Cherry braces, birch ceiling

Hardwood Panelling and Brace in Timber Frame Studio

Another view

Triangle Floor Inlay of Walnut and Maple

Triangle floor inlay